The electric autonomous tail

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See how it moves



Natural movement

The Costail detects your body’s movement and moves accordingly. No matter what body type you have, the Costail follows you!

Does it fit my cosplay?


The tail moves beautifully with every costume. Choose your textiles and design, so that the Costail fits your cosplay perfectly!

Your favorite characters

Bring life to your cosplays with a beautifully moving tail that fits all your favorite characters. Including Jester, Ahri, Catra and many many more!


Critical Role

K/DA Ahri

League of Legends


She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

Tailored for cosplay

Developed together with cosplayers, using the tail requires no technical skills, and is easy to detach and travel with.

For every occasion

For every costume, at any time. Perfect for conventions and videoshoots.

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Content Producer:

Katrix Media

Jester Cosplay:

Ibelinn Cosplay

K/DA Ahri Cosplay:

Whitespring Cosplay

Catra Cosplay:


Disclaimer: there is no commercial relationship between Costail and the owners of the characters used, as Costail is the owner only of the tail